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Zorbit's Orbits

PC game (C++)

Zorbit's Orbits is a 2D platforming game for Windows, released April 28, 2017. It is a project 6 years in the making and a labor of love by two buddies.

Corey programmed Zorbit's Orbits in C++, utilizing the SFML and Box2D libraries and an XML-like language she wrote specifically for the project.

The game has received acclaim for its unique gameplay and eye-candy visuals.

Praise for Zorbit's Orbits

  • "This is ridiculously fun, and a great concept, from the design of it all to the mechanics."
  • "I am having so much fun with [Zorbit's Orbits]! [Corey and Jeremie] have created a great game."
  • "I can't put [Zorbit's Orbits] down."

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Nancy Burtenshaw Yoga

Portfolio Website (Squarespace, CSS)

Corey worked with Nancy to develop a site that could quickly give the user an idea not just what services Nancy offers, but who she is as a teacher, and the warmth that she brings to her practice.

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Web App (Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB)

TransFriendly is a site where users can search for and rate businesses based on how trans friendly or inclusive they are. TransFriendly utilizes the Google Maps and Google Places APIs to provide data from all over the world.

Corey came up with the idea while trying, unsuccessfully, to find a doctor who was both top notch and respectful of her being trans. Users can search for any type of business anywhere in the world and see what other trans people have experienced there, so that they can make more informed decisions about where they work, live, shop, anything.

Corey hopes to turn the project into a service used by members of the LGBTQI+ community all over the world.

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Brick By Brick

Web App (Angular 4, NodeJS, MongoDB)

Brick By Brick is a story about coming out as transgender. The emails and documents that tell this story are real, and tell a story that is true: complicated, messy, hard, but also beautiful.

Corey came up with the idea while looking through old e-mails and finding an incredible paper trail of her transition, from her parent's initial reaction to dealing with the loss of a family member, culminating in an interaction with her father she will never forget.

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Red Cedar School

WordPress Site (WordPress, HTML, CSS)

The Red Cedar School is a small private school in Bristol, VT. Corey helped them realize their vision of creating a new site with a modern look. Corey worked closely with staff at the school to ensure the school's site looks beautiful, but is easy to navigate and delivers information efficiently.


Browser Game(Javascript, HTML, CSS)

Genesis is a game pitting the forces of creation and destruction against each other. Creation moves around the map creating land beneath their feet, while destruction does just the opposite.

Users can play against each other, or against a computer. The game utilizes Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.

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About Me

Corey is a passionate developer, meaning she is happiest when working on projects that make positive impacts in people's lives, especially the LGBTQI+ community. She has extensive experience building and maintaining full-stack applications using technologies ranging from Javascript to PHP, Drupal and other CMSs, Chef, Varnish, MySQL, Apache, and others.

In her free time, Corey practices Aikido (she has a 2nd degree black belt!), plays guitar, and swims in any body of water she finds. Seriously sometimes her friends worry about that part.

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